Frequently Asked Questions About GroceryNinja:

  1. What is GroceryNinja?

    GroceryNinja is a web based tool designed to help you get your grocery shopping done more quickly, more enjoyably, less expensively and with less wasted effort. We're also working to end disease and bring about world peace, but for now it's largely about shopping lists.

  2. How does it work?

    It's sort of easier to show you than to explain it -- you can sign up for a free account and take it for a spin. But, in a nutshell, it works like this:

    First, create a shopping list (this involves typing a word).

    Next, add items that you might want to purchase at the grocery store. You can enter items yourself, or use our starter list which you can then modify as you wish.

    Then, when it's time to shop, just check off items you need actually to buy. This will create a "To Buy" list that you can print out and bring to the store, or pull up on our mobile site from your phone as you shop.

    That's all! Easy and fun, and it won't mess up your hair.

    If you like, you can enter dishes that you like to prepare, along with a list of ingredients. The next time you want to make one of the dishes you've added (say, lasagna), just click the "Lasagna" link and all the ingredients you need will automatically be added to your shoppng list.

    Finally, Premium users have automatic integration of their Shopping List with printable coupons. If "Milk" is on your list you can print any available coupons for Milk with just a mouse click.

  3. How much does it cost?

    It's free.

    Of course, we do offer a Premium version as well. For $20 a year you get two good things. First, no ads on the site. Phew. We don't like the ads either, but we gotta' eat too.

    The second cool thing about being a Premium user is automatic integration of your Shopping List with printable coupons. If "Milk" is on your list, you can print any available coupons for Milk with just a mouse click. Save money and the whales.

  4. What's with the coupons?

    There are two separate ways to save money at the store. (Three, if you count willpower. But the Ninja can't help you with that)

    First, are the manufacturer coupons. These are national coupons issued by people like Kraft Foods. GroceryNinja premium users will have their lists automatically linked to these coupons. If a coupon is available for items on your list, you'll be able to click and print it.

    Second, are the weekly circulars printed by specific stores. These vary across the country. Premium users can check off the names of the stores they shop at and the Ninja will create links to the circulars for those stores. It's not yet possible to link these by specific item, but we make it easy to see the deals that your store is offering each week.

    The problem with coupons on the Internet is there's so much stuff out there that you don't care about -- it's almost impossible to find the things you really do want. We help with that problem.

  5. How many shopping lists can I make

    As many as you like. You'll want one for each store at which you shop regularly. For most people, 2 or 3 is plenty.

  6. Who are you guys?

    We are Ninjas.

  7. Are you this obsessively organized about everything?


  8. Are you really Ninjas?

    OK, you got us. No, we're not. We're super-organized web dudes. We do a bunch of stuff, like this:

    T Lex - Extranets for Lawyers

    TrialJuries - Online Mock Juries

    Boxes - another tool for the super-organized

    Boomer On Board - really silly car window decals for the Baby Boom generation

    GroupMondo - oh my. Yet another tool for the fiendishly organized.