GroceryNinja grew out of our frustration with the tedium of grocery shopping. It felt like we were constantly writing the same thing, over and over. Some stuff we buy every week - why keep writing it down? We often make the same meals - why look up and write down the ingredients every time? Sometimes we get to the cash register and realize that we missed something. Do we go back for it, or just let it go?

GroceryNinja is designed to deal with these annoyances, and a few others. It won't bring about world peace, but it may give you more time, and a better attitude, to do your part on that front.

Here's the basic idea:

1. First, create a shopping list. This involves typing a word and clicking a button.

2. When GroceryNinja prints (or otherwise displays) your shopping list, it is automatically sorted by store aisle. You can set the order in which the aisles appear to make your shopping trip as quick and easy as possible. We'll create a basic list of aisles for you but you can edit, add, delete or reorder your aisles anytime. You will need to make one trip to your store to note the order of the aisles (unless they're numbered!). Spend 10 minutes, save countless hours.

3. Then you can create a list of items that you might want to purchase on any given trip to the store. We call this a "Might Buy" or "Item" list. You can enter items yourself, or use our starter list which you can then modify as you wish.

4. When it's time to shop, just check off the items you need actually to get. This will generate a list (we call it a "To Buy" or "Shopping" list), sorted by store aisle. You can print the list, email it to yourself or access it through our mobile web site so that you can check off items as you move through the store.

That's all there is to it.

There are three other things that we can help you with:

1. You can enter dishes or meals that you like to prepare, along with a list of ingredients. The next time you want to make one of the dishes you've added (say, lasagna), just click the "Lasagna" link and all the ingredients you need to get will automatically be added to your shoppng list.

2. Amazon integration -- We have partnered with Amazon to integrate your shopping list with their inventory -- and, of course, the best prices on the planet. When you finish your To Buy List, you can click on the items and see if Amazon can provide what you need -- at lower than supermarket prices and without the need to leave the house.

3. Coupons -- Premium users have automatic integration of their shopping lists with printable coupons. If "Milk" is on your list, you can print any available coupons for Milk with just a mouse click. Premium users will also be linked to the weekly circulars for the stores they shop at. Now we just need a coupon for world peace.